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Michele Saenz Resume

 26 years in the Industry, I've done almost every facet of the business. Hair show's to Education, Film to Theater, to every day behind a chair. I fell in love with this industry as a young girl. My intension was to put myself through collage and use this as a stepping stone. Little did I know I would fall into a long term relationship with BEAUTY. I really can not think of anything I could enjoy more! 

Owner, International Educator, Airbrush Make-up artist & Professional Stylist
Vizion Hair Salon
January 2010 – Present 
Vizion Hair Salon / Owner
Freelance Hair Stylist & Make-Up artist / Airbrush Commercial, Film, Production, Photoshoot

 International Educator, IBBS and Salon Forum 
• Cosmetology License
• Stage Make-up Certification

As an entrepreneur she provides an analytical understanding of the dynamics of beautiful hair & flawless

make-up and her abilities include training creative talent to help people celebrate their own individual looks and styles.
Since 1992, Saenz has been servicing a loyal clientele in fashion, beauty, entertainment and society.
Saenz maintains ongoing relationships with prominent figures in politics, literature, film & media.


John Paul Mitchell Systems and Maly's"s 2001 Paul Mitchell Hair Camp 2002 & 2005, Naha entrant 2000,
Certificate of Achievement Salon Forum Long Beach, Ca,
Independent Education in Airbrush Make-up, Bridal, Photography, Hi-def , InvisiTab Extension, Deva Certified,

Multitude of industry classes


Professional Experience

Feb 2016 Sudami Photo Shoot, Collaboration and Publication

Oct 2014  The Paradise Group, Military tribute commercial for Cadillac & Chevy

April 2014 Commercial Hammer Entertainment LLC Santa Monica, CA 90405

Feb 2014 21 Outs Feature Film, Santa Ana Ca Key Hair & Key Make-up

Nov 2013  Madame Cadillac Photoshoot

Mar 2012  Cadillac Bridal Show Elyse Ruben, Key Hair & Make-up

April 2010 Shields Date garden commercial, Palm Spring's Ca Key Hair stylist Key Make up artist

July 2009 VIP Energy Photo shoot Murrieta Ca
April 2009 MADNESS & Joy Indi Big Bear Ca FX
Aug 2008 Mini Movie for Film festival, Temecula, Ca

Feb 2008 Celebrity Center, Artist Agina Alvarez Hollywood,
Mar 2007 Bridal Fashion Show, Murrieta, Ca
Nov 2007 Prolasta commercial key hair & make-up
June 2007 Debt monkey -Man commercial key Hair & Make-up
Nov 2006 April Moon commercial Key Hair & Make-up
Nov 2006 April Moon independent film Key Hair & Make-up
June 2002 Nick Records Showcase Key Hair & Make-up
April 2002 Ramon Pageant California state outdoor play Make-up & wig design
April 2002 Kiss of the spider woman Performing arts MSJC Make-up & wig design
Jan 2002 Jane Brooks Design on Runway
April 2000 Quilters stage play Make-up & wig design
ac, Temptu,

Hey y’all I combed my hair but no makeup
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